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Maximizing OTR Tyre Lifespan: The Impact of Temperature on Your Investment

Are rising tire temperatures causing you unnecessary downtime and costs? Learn how MaxTT Tyre Sealant can enhance tire performance and longevity. In the world of heavy machinery and mining, tire management is a critical factor that can significantly impact both operational efficiency and cost savings. One of the key challenges faced by many in the industry is the generation of heat within off-the-road (OTR) tires. This undesired heat can lead to premature tire failure due to heat separation, resulting in costly downtimes and reduced production. Traditionally, controlling tire temperature has been achieved through the management of truck TKPH (Tonnes per Kilometre per Hour). Tire manufacturers have made strides in developing more heat-resistant compounds. However, even with efficient maintenance, monitoring strategies, and advancements in tire technology, operations still suffer from premature failures and losses due to extreme overheating. Understanding the Heat Generation Phenomenon At the core of this challenge lies the phenomenon of heat generation within OTR tires. As these tires undergo continuous compression, tension, and torsion, the rubber within them experiences a kinematic deformation—a process known as the hysteresis effect. This effect results in the friction between rubber molecules, generating heat. Unfortunately, rubber's poor thermal conductivity means that this heat builds up faster than it can dissipate into the surrounding air. It reaches its peak at the outermost ply or belt of the tire. As the tire's operating temperature increases, the rubber loses strength, becoming more susceptible to damage from fatigue, impact, cuts, and heat separation. This, in turn, has a significant impact on tire life. Simply put, if the tire carcass can be maintained at lower temperatures, it will enjoy a considerably extended lifespan. The Crystallization Effect To illustrate this concept, consider heating honey to 90-100°C and then letting it cool. The honey crystallizes, becoming hard and brittle. Similarly, OTR tires heated to critical temperatures and subjected to continuous cooling crystallize at a molecular level, losing their elasticity and strength. Why It Matters to the Industry “Approximately 80% of all large tyres fail before wear due to poor maintenance and operating practices. This statistic is underscored by a recent study at a major metal mine, which indicated tyre cuts (45%) and impact damage (20%) as the largest contributing factors towards premature tyre failure.” ( MaxTT Tyre Sealant: The Solution for Managing Tyre Temperature To date, there hasn't been a foolproof method to actively prevent haulage truck tyres from overheating during use. Current approaches involve passive techniques such as monitoring live TKPH levels or taking periodic temperature and pressure measurements. Unfortunately, these methods often lack a strong correlation with the actual tyre condition, leading to unnecessary production losses. The introduction of an effective cooling method at mining sites can substantially enhance vehicle and tyre operation, resulting in increased production. Even a 5°C temperature drop can yield significant benefits:

1. Reduced rubber wear rates in tyres, extending their lifespan. 2. Enhanced tyre resistance to chemical and physical damage, including impacts, cuts, punctures, and heat separation. 3. Minimized downtime, translating to increased productivity in terms of tonnage hauled. 4. Lower rolling resistance, contributing to improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs.

In conclusion, managing tyre heat is crucial for extending OTR tyre life and optimizing mining operations. MaxTT Tyre Sealant, offered by Treadstone Solutions, provides an effective solution for temperature control, making it an invaluable asset for the industry. Don't compromise on tyre performance when the solution is at hand. Choose MaxTT Tyre Sealant for enhanced tyre durability and efficiency. Treadstone Solutions Presents: MaxTT Tyre Sealant - The Ultimate Tyre Care Solution Protect your tyres, Increase your profits.

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At MaxTT Tyre Sealant, we are committed to providing you with insights that help you protect your tire investments and enhance your productivity. Our range of tire sealant products not only prevent punctures but also address temperature-related challenges, ultimately extending the life of your OTR tires. Stay tuned for more informative content from MaxTT Tyre Sealant!

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